North Carolina Section
American Chemical Society


Marcus Hobbs Service Awards: Dorian Canelas

NC Distinguished Speaker Award: Dorian Canelas

Chemistry Olympiad: Michael Bruno and Summer Xia

Education: Caroline Sloan and Laura Sremaniak

Long Range Planning:Melissa Pasquinelli

Membership: Bill Switzer and Melissa Pasquinelli

National Chemistry Week: James Harrington

Public Relations: Marc ter Horst

Outreach Coordintaor: James Harrington

State Fair Coordinator: Sasha Ormond

Newsletter (The TarHelium): Jamie Saunders

Nominations: Paige Presler-Jur

Project SEED: S. Witzeman and Laura Sremaniak

Scholarship: Jeremy Feducia

Section Historian: Maurice Bursey

Senior Chemists Committee: Ken Tomer

Sustainability: Melissa Pasquinelli

Women Chemists Committee: Laura Sremaniak and Cassie Lilly

Younger Chemists Committee: Nick Pinkin

Last Modified: 12/21/16

North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society
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