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Marcus E. Hobbs Award

Marcus Hobbs

The Marcus E. Hobbs award was established in 1988 to recognize members who have made significant, long-term contributions to the North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society. The award was named for Marcus E. Hobbs, a model member who worked closely with the North Carolina Section since becoming Chair in 1945.  Dr. Hobbs was a professor emeritus of chemistry and University Distinguished Service Professor at Duke University and Distinguished Governor Emeritus of RTI International; he was also instrumental in the creation of the Research Triangle Park.

To be considered for this year's award, nominations must be submitted by February 15 through the following form:

Questions can be directed to the Chair of the Nominations and Awards Committee, who is the Past Chair: Dorian Canelas (

Criteria that will be considered are the following:

  • Service as an elected Executive Committee member in NC-ACS

  • Service as a leader or active member of NC-ACS committee(s) (WCC, YCC, Outreach, Education, Project SEED, Membership, etc.)

  • Service as a leader within one of the NC-ACS Discussion Groups (TriMR, TCDG, Mass Spec, Polymer, etc.)

  • Other NC-ACS service. Examples include: initiating, organizing, and/or leading NC-ACS sponsored events; local organizer for SERMACS or ACS Division Meetings; representing the NC-ACS to other organizations or at ACS National/Regional meetings; serving as a Project SEED Program Coordinator and/or Faculty Mentor; serving as a judge at NC-ACS sponsored events; or other service in support of an NC-ACS sponsored event.



    2016 Melinda Box - North Carolina State University
    2015 Project SEED Team Members -
    Michael Cherry - Durham Public Schools, Hillside High School, Retired
    Faye McNeal - Wake County Schools, Enloe High School, Retired
    Barrington Ross - Durham Public Schools, Hillside High School
    Tyjuanna LaBennet - North Carolina Central University
    Donald Guth - Hamner Institute
    Mary Ellen Budzyna - Hamner Institute
    2014 Marc ter Horst - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    2013 Alan Tonelli - North Carolina State University
    2012 Laura Sremaniak - North Carolina State University
    2011 No Award
    2010 Charles A. Goss - GlaxoSmithKline
    2009 Myra J. Halpin - North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
    2008 Joan Bursey - NCBA at the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency
    2007 No Award
    2006 Ken Cutler - North Carolina Central University


    Sol Levine - North Carolina State University
    Howie James - Water Corporation


    Robert W. Morrison - North Carolina State University
    Brad Sturgeon - Western Caroplina State University


    Alvin L. Crumbliss - Duke University


    Thomas A. Lehman - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


    Richard A. Palmer - Duke University


    Richard D. Gilbert - North Carolina State University


    John W. Hines - Research Triangle Institute


    Suzanne T. Purrington - North Carolina State University


    Ernest L. Eliel - The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


    James L. Chao - IBM Corporation


    Joan T. Bursey - Radian Corporation


    William E. Hatfield - The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


    Eric C. Bigham - Burroughs Wellcome Company
    Peter Smith - Duke University


    William L. Switzer - North Carolina State University
    Halbert H. Carmichael - North Carolina State University
    William F. Gutknecht - Research Triangle Institute


    Maurice M. Bursey - The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Robert G. Ghirardelli - Army Research Office
    Marcus E. Hobbs - Duke University
    William F. Little - The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Monica R. Nees - Research Triangle Institute

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