North Carolina Section of the ACS



  1. How do I join the NC ACS Section?

    ACS members are assigned to the section in which they are geographically located. You can join the ACS using the ACS membership link.

  2. How do I change my contact information with the ACS?

    Address a message to [email protected]. Include your name and membership number, which is the first number on the address label from C&E News, along with the change requested.

  3. How do I get involved in Local Section activities?

    Contact us through the Volunteering contact page. Opportunities include providing demonstrations at National Chemistry Day, the NC State Fair, and the Health and Wellness Expo. They also include organizing local and regional conferences and featured speaker presentations. In addition you can become involved by becoming a part of the Executive Committee. To find out what volunteer events are coming up, check out the Section's on-line Calendar.

  4. What part of North Carolina does the NC Section include?

    -Counties within the North Carolina Section American Chemical Society - Bladen, Granville, Moore, Robeson, Caswell, Halifax, Nash, Sampson, Chatham, Harnett, Northampton, Scotland, Cumberland, Hoke, Orange, Vance, Durham, Johnston, Person, Wake, Edgecombe, Lee, Randolph, Warren, Franklin, Martin

    -Additional Counties Served by the North Carolina Section American Chemical Society (These counties have are not affiliated with any other Local Section, but are contiguous with counties that are affiliated with the NC Section.) - Bertie, Columbus, Hertford, Perquimans, Brunswick, Currituck, Hyde, Tyrrell, Camden, Dare, Pasquotank, Washington, Chowan, Gates

  5. How do I get information about Local Section activities?

    In addition to the TarHelium newsletter and the on-line calendar, you can subscribe to the Section's list serves. They are listed on the Listserve Information page, along with instructions about how to get on them. The Section runs two major list serves, "ncacsmembership," which is automatic for Local Section members and used to distribute official NC ACS business, and the "ncacs" listserve, which is available to both members and non-members and used to distribute information about activities of the Local Section, job announcements and special events sponsored by local academic, government and industrial institutions. It also provides listserves for the Women's Chemist Committee, the Younger Chemist's Committee, the Chemical Education Committee, the Senior Chemists Committee, and the Sustainability Interest Group.

  6. How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from a Local Section listserve?

    To subscribe or unsubscribe, send an email to [email protected] from the address that receives the email and include the one-line message, "subscribe listname" or "unsubscribe listname."  The lists supported by the NC ACS are: ncacsmembership (full membership for official Section business), ncacs (a subscription list for job announcements and non ACS events of interest to members), ncacs_ed (a list for chemical educators), ncacs_wcc (a list for the Women Chemists Committee), ncacs_ycc (a list for the Younger Chemists Committee), ncacs_scc (a list for the Senior Chemists Committee), and nc-sustainability (a list for a Sustainability interest group).

  7. How do I apply for a Local Section scholarship?

    Contact Jeremy Feducia, the head of the Scholarship Committee, to get applications and more information about who qualifies.

  8. How do I nominate someone for a Local Section office?

    Contact Ken Tomer, head of the Nominations Committee, to get more information about what positions are available and the steps necessary for nomination .

  9. How do I nominate someone for the Marcus Hobbs or Distinguished Speaker Awards?

    Contact Ken Tomer, head of the Nominations Committee. To get more information about the nature of the awards and the list of previous recipients, go to the Marcus Hobbs Award page and the Distinguished Speakers Award page.

  10. Which colleges and universities are located in the NC Section?

    The colleges and universities included in our Local Section's geographical area are listed below:

    Methodist University,
  11. Who are our neighboring ACS Sections in NC?

    There are two other ACS Sections in North Carolina, the Central NC Section and the Eastern NC Section.

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